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NUTRENA TATE, Nurse Practioner


Nutrena Tate recently launched her own medical practice, and she wanted to make sure her brand was represented in the best possible light.


To make that happen, she enlisted the help of BCP Detroit. We were able to capture Nurse Tate in action, setting up shots that showed her interacting with patients and performing her daily duties.


The video footage was edited to emphasize her attention to detail, her friendly demeanor, and her natural charisma.


The photoshoot was also successful in creating a portfolio of images that highlighted Nurse Tate’s expertise and professionalism. The photos were also used to create promotional materials, including a website, business cards, and other marketing materials.


The end result of the video and photoshoot was a comprehensive brand package that accurately represented Nurse Tate’s practice. The materials helped to showcase her talents and knowledge, and she was able to use them to attract more patients to her practice.


Thanks to the video and photoshoot, Nurse Tate was able to establish her brand and create a lasting impression on potential clients. She was also able to show off her experience and expertise in a way that made her practice stand out from the competition.

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