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The Power of Eye-Catching Video Marketing

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

We live in a world where users are dependent on visual material. Now, consumers lean heavily on video more than any other media with 2/3 using video as their primary source of information.

That's 66% of people—a wide majority. Video marketing should be one of your major focuses this year, attracting potential clients and promoting your service in a visually stunning way.

As a case study, let's take a quick peek at Chef Shobe. BCP created a beautiful, emotional video spec ad for her which she's used to successfully reel in new clients, boost sales, and increase profits.

Let us tell you why video marketing is important so you can begin to implement it into your content marketing strategies for 2022.


Video marketing gives marketers and brands a platform that offers more depth than static images and text, allowing them to tell their brand story in a more engaging, emotional way. A well-crafted video can help establish what a brand stands for and why people should care.

Every brand has its own story, and the power of storytelling is more important than ever for small businesses. No other marketing medium can move people like video. It combines all of the senses, allowing viewers to feel more deeply connected to your brand.

Every second of your video should have a purpose, whether that’s to build awareness, provide information or drive people to take some sort of action. It’s also important to make sure your video looks professional, regardless of budget, which is why BCP is your best bet for creating video material.


The Internet has changed the way we consume information and interact with one another. We’re no longer content to just sit back and passively watch a slideshow presentation or read a lengthy article.

As a modern audience, we want to be engaged, surprised, and entertained by the content we consume. We want to see things from your perspective but posted from ours. That’s why video marketing is so important for your business.

The best part about video is that it can be watched from anywhere. Anywhere in the world, any time of day, any device. It’s all right there, autoplaying before our eyes.

Think about how often you’re captivated by video content. Commercials on Hulu, Spotify’s replacement for album art, the homepage of a website you landed on, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Video is all around us waiting, willing, and wanting to be consumed.


If you're looking to make an impact with video marketing, you need to ensure that your content is high quality and focused. You should produce videos that will speak directly to your target audience and provide them with something of value.

To do this, you must first identify your target audience and focus on what they want to see. Good video marketing content educates, informs, or entertains. The goal of making a video is not to sell your product or service but rather to build trust and brand awareness by providing quality information for consumers.

A good video marketing campaign isn't just about editing skills and camera equipment — it's about telling a story that resonates with your target audience. That means putting some care and attention into the development process before filming even starts.

Consumers want to be entertained, this is what glues them to the screen. They need to be informed about something, otherwise, what's the purpose of your video? Your video also needs to educate them. Not only about your product or service, but also about your brand and about what they're missing in life.

Let's take the video we made for Chef Shobe as an example. It showcases the beauty of food, the fun of cooking, and the satisfaction of consuming something so delicious you can't help but smile. It's entertaining, it's educating, it's informing, and it's guiding consumers directly to her storefront for a meal they never knew they had a craving for.

This is a prime example of the importance of video.


Video is one of the most important branding tools in a company’s marketing arsenal, becoming an integral part of the digital marketing mix. Companies often use video to introduce their brand, explain what they do, showcase product features and benefits, and tell their brand story.

Each of these video types has a distinct purpose and each can be used to create awareness, generate interest, and encourage action by viewers. With video, you can influence your audience, increase engagement, and educate consumers on your products or services.

We live in an era of digital marketing. Our devices are omnipresent and so is digital media. As a result, it’s hard to catch the consumer’s attention. To get your brand noticed, you need to provide something that stands out from the crowd.

Video makes that happen as one of the most effective ways to communicate your brand's message.


There is tremendous power in the video marketing world. Video is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting with today’s visually-focused audiences. That said, businesses of all sizes need to be cognizant of the challenges associated with integrating it effectively into their overall marketing strategy.

BCP is here to help. We'll create a plan, help understand your visual identity, and create video marketing content that lures in your target audience. Contact us to get started on your video journey ahead.

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