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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

As creatives, we tend to fall in love with our work. When you spend so much time tinkering to create something so perfect, it’s only natural. But life is always changing; throwing new things at you left and right. That constant change led me to rebrand BCP.

Every company goes through a rebranding process at some point. Maybe it started out as a small operation, then grew into a larger business. Maybe the market changed or its target audience changed. Perhaps it’s just been around for a while, and the brand is starting to feel stale.

Sometimes companies rebrand to better reflect what they do today or want to do in the future. Other times they do it because their current brand doesn’t accurately reflect their values.

All of these are valid reasons to rebrand a business. And some of them do apply to BCP.

I want to explain why BCP has undergone this rebrand and what it means for the future.


The goal of any company is to grow. Expand. Learn.

Alisha and I have done some amazing work together over the years. We’re proud of all our projects, whether we whole-heartedly agreed, argued over the right direction, missed the mark, or captured the true essence of the brand we’re shooting for. All of this is—and was—a learning experience both of us have benefited from greatly.

Now, we’ve reach an opportunity to grow outwardly. Alisha has started her own business! She’s stepping a little bit away from BCP to do her own thing, and that’s all part of growing as an entrepreneur.

BCP isn’t going anywhere, neither am I and neither is Alisha. I’m proud to promote her work, so please check out her new site.

We know how to work with each other. So what we’re doing is stepping out of that comfort zone and into the unknown. This change will absolutely help us both come into our own voice and vision for what we want out of a career and a brand.


If these past two years haven’t been a whirlwind for us all, then I don’t know what is. Both Alisha and I have had our fair share of personal growth and change throughout the pandemic, which has led to the rebranding of BCP.


First, let’s cover what’s going on with Alisha. She found her biological mother, father, siblings, and soon-to-be niece/nephew. Most of us will never be able to fully empathize with Alisha and people like her in reference to this endeavor. But the few that do, or those that sympathize with the idea of not knowing your family, can understand the extreme emotional impact a discovery of this nature can create.

I am very happy for her. I believe this reawakening is propelling her forward, pushing her to become someone she’s always wanted to be. She’s got a story to tell and she’s doing it now through her own branding photography business, I Am Alisha Nicole.


I also had some big family news during the pandemic, but it’s a piece far less uplifting. I lost my father to liver failure. We were incredibly close, and the emotional impact this has on me is one I never imagined I’d have to deal with.

If there’s a bright side at all, the natural slowness of business over the past two years has helped both Alisha and I to understand, heal, and grow emotionally. I can’t say I’m better off now than I was before, but what I can say is I have an experience that has allowed me to focus a new direction for BCP. This is the second reason why we’ve rebranded.


2022 is a brand new year—literally. We’ve got a new logo, a new website, a new vibe, a new meaning, and a new direction.

Essentially, the only thing that’s carried over is our passion for photography and videography (and our experience).

So, why such a drastic change? Because for me, creativity is emotionally driven. I have experience new emotions that allow me to be a more empathetic creator with the brands I work with. I can go down a new road and embrace the challenges thrown at me to create something truly unique, emotional, and powerful.

Let’s not ignore the fact that we’ve grown, in general, since BCP’s inception. It’s time to update our own look and feel to match our experience. BCP is a professional and powerful branding photography and videography company. We needed to emphasize our experience, our roots, and our direction. Thus, we created a new site with a new logo and new verbiage as a showcase to new and existing clients.

Rebranding doesn’t mean starting from scratch with a website or logo design. It involves using what you already have to build on your brand identity and create something new. That’s what we’re doing here at BCP. Rebranding to better represent our growth and identity.

After everything that’s happened in my personal life, I finally got the itch to start creating again. This is just the beginning. BCP has a lot more in store. Stay tuned.

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