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Brice Hunter Sr.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I have a passion for storytelling and creating compelling visuals that captivate audiences. My industry

experience spans over 10 years, ranging from creating content for weddings to working with

large corporations like GM, Marriott, and Amazon as well as small businesses and

nonprofits. I have a strong background in videography, photography, creative direction,

and post-production editing. As the Video Content Creator of BCP Detroit, I’m

responsible for the overall look and feel of all projects.

“The Power of Storytelling through Visuals” and “Project Management for Media


I started
BCP Detroit with my wife shortly after graduating from college in 2010.

That same year we were married and had our first son just as the economy was crashing. Out

of necessity came innovation; we gave birth to our dream with hard work and determination—

overcoming any obstacle that stood in our way—and still push ourselves every day to create meaningful

content with impactful stories that touch people’s lives all around the globe.

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